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Best meeting places in New York

A visit to New York might come up in your schedule every week or only once in your lifetime. But no matter how often you get to visit the Big Apple, spending your entire stay alone in the hotel room is a nothing short than a big waste of time.

One of the most charismatic cities in the world has everything to offer from natural parks to bohemian neighborhoods from lively night clubs to cozy, 5-star restaurants. Simply put, there just aren’t enough hours in the day to visit everything, but a short selection can be made and here is one that is sure to make the best out of your New York trip.

If you are looking to impress your New York escort with a romantic walk in the park, then there is no better place to go than the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. This venue is covered in a luxurious architecture made from spectacularly beautiful trees and plants brought here from across the world. Should you visit this park in spring you have every chance to walk in real fairytale scenery. That is the time of the year when the Japanese cherry trees, also known as Sakura, blossom into large and lush bouquets of pink petals. Combine that with the rose gardens and the nearby ponds and you have yourself a live expressionist painting.

A trip to New York can never be complete without visiting the Lady Liberty statue. To do so, just jump aboard the Staten Island Ferry that connects the lower part of Manhattan to the Staten Island. The ride is free and it is available 24/7, so you and your New York escort you took from can enjoy the beautiful landscapes, a unique view of the famous statue at night and even the Manhattan skyline, which has caught the imagination of many musicians and painters in the past.

New York has many popular buildings that are often shown in movies or commercials. One of them is the spectacular Grand Central Station. This 1913 Beaux Arts construction has caught the hearts of many travelers whether they were leaving the city or arriving in the search for a better life. The station is also an ideal place to meet your New York escort, and she will be delighted that you have picked such a charming location that is also very easy to reach. After you admire the building’s exquisite architecture and take a quick stroll around it, you can both head to the vintage Oyster Bar nearby and have lunch together.

After a long day of traveling around New York you are probably ready to hit the sack. However, to complete your daily adventure all you have to do is take an elevator to the top of the Empire State Building. From the observation deck you can see almost the entire skyline of the city. Bring a New York escort here at sunset and you will present her with a heavenly view that she will never forget.